Practice Plan for Vets is the leading provider of veterinary pet health plans in the UK.


Working in partnership with veterinary practices, we enable veterinary surgeons to establish and operate a bespoke pet health plan to deliver regular preventative healthcare for pets.


We want your practice to be a success. In the highly competitive and ever-changing veterinary market, it’s essential that you and your practice are fully prepared to meet future challenges which may have an impact upon your revenue, including:


  • Fewer clients visiting their local practice
  • Falling dog population in the UK
  • Clients becoming more price conscious
  • Competition from supermarkets offering pet care products and services
  • Companies offering cheaper pet care products through online stores.

A Practice Plan for Vets pet health plan is the ideal way to face these challenges head on, ensuring future success for you and your practice. Our pet health plan will:

  • Help you enhance your practice
  • Ensure a growing regular monthly income
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Protect your fee earning rate
  • Build your practice identity.


All this from a company which you, your staff, and your clients, can trust.




Pet Health Plans and Practice Plan for Vets have been carefully planning and combining our strong points to bring you the best of both worlds. Our absolute focus going forward will be: continuing to support our vets, their clients and pets and exploring some exciting new offerings and enhancements to meet growing demand.


For practices who are considering implementing a pet health plan, we are delighted to be working together to ensure we are a flexible provider who can offer you support, training and guidance, when setting and growing your plans and collecting your client’s direct debits.


Whichever way is the most suitable for your practice, you can expect to receive a professional and experienced service.


This is the start of two great health plan providers working together to offer one great service.


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